The Cost Of Hair Transplant

Modern surgical hair transplant procedures give those who suffer from different forms of alopecia, such as diffused alopecia or male pattern baldness, the opportunity to restore their hair and obtain a youthful, natural look without any form of concealment or ineffectual chemical treatment. We must, however, keep in mind that the experience of the surgeon and the assisting medical staff are essential for the success of the operation, which means that cost and quality must be carefully balanced when considering a certain type of hair loss treatment and the clinic where the procedure will be conducted.

Surgical hair transplant is a cosmetic procedure that involves extracting follicular units, which are naturally occurring groups of 1-4 strands of hair, from the donor area and transplanting them to the area of the scalp that has been affected by hair loss. Because the follicular units are extracted from an area of the scalp which is genetically resistant to alopecia, once transplanted, the hair will no longer be prone to falling off permanently. There are two main types of surgical hair transplant procedures: follicular unit transplantation surgery, also referred to as FUT hair surgery, and follicular unit extraction surgery, or FUE hair surgery. Due to the additional effort and time invested into the procedure, FUE hair transplant tends to be more expensive than FUT surgery, but there are many other factors that can determine the price of a particular procedure. The price of surgical hair transplant can vary depending on the location of the clinic, the provider of the service, the cost per follicular unit transfer, the reputation of the surgeon who performs the procedure etc. The price can also depend on the particular challenges posed by each individual, which makes it very difficult for the patient to determine an accurate cost at home. The Renew Skin & Health team recommends that you schedule a consultation if you wish to establish a precise price range, during which the details of the procedure can also be discussed in order for you to be able to make a more informed decision. Quality, cost effective hair transplant is available to the general public, but careful consideration is necessary before making the final step.  

The medical and hair specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic strongly advise that you thoroughly research the background of any clinic before choosing to undergo a hair transplant procedure there in order to make sure that it has consistently produced positive results throughout the years. If you wish to obtain detailed information regarding the cost and effectiveness of different surgical hair transplant procedures, then just contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment. 

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