Anti Aging

The History Of Botox

While today, many of us enjoy the effects of modern Botox treatments, this special neurotoxin has had a very long history. Some of the positive effects of Botox, also known as Botulinum toxin, have been initially discovered by Justinus Kerner, a XIXth century physician who has studied this substance and has coined the term “botulism”. …

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Botox Treatment For Smokers Lip Line In Birmingham

Smokers lip lines, vertical lines, lipstick lines, “bar codes”, whatever you call them, these wrinkles are one of the signs of ageing that cause great distress regarding the general facial appearance. Age is not the only factor that causes them, as we can also include here sun damage, cigarette smoke and the constant activities that make your lips …

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Botox Cosmetic Uses

Botox is a highly malleable substance that can be used for a number of muscular dysfunctions or acetylcholine related complications that may cause both medical and aesthetic issues, as well as for wrinkle removal and wrinkle prevention. Those who present an enlarged jawline due to excessive muscle tissue, those who present the effects of excessive sweating as well as the patients …

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Botox Medical Uses

While Botox is generally known for being used in non-surgical wrinkle removal procedures, it is also a very useful tool in treating a wide variety of muscular dysfunctions which are caused by erratic or excessive muscular contractions. In order to ensure that our patients receive the best medical treatment, Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides excellent Botox …

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Anti-ageing Botox Treatment

The gradual evolution of cosmetic medicine allows us to reduce various signs of ageing and obtain a more youthful look for our patients. The great number of anti-ageing treatments can range from dietary or surgical to chemical and can imply everything from stimulating skin regeneration to the surgical excision of excess tissue. These methods became incredibly effective …

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Botox – Generalities

We generally associate Botox with wrinkle removal and wrinkle prevention, but, in fact, this substance is used in a far wider variety of treatments than just cosmetic medicine. At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we use its ability to cause partial and controlled muscle paralysis in a number of muscular dysfunction treatments, ranging from blepharospasm …

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Chemical Peeling

With the passing of time it is a fact that our skin grows older, it starts to lose elasticity and wrinkles start to appear. In a situation like this, people choose to appeal to different techniques or treatments to cover or stop the ageing effects. With the aim to prevent and treat these visible signs, Renew …

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Migraine Treatment

Almost everyone has experienced headaches. Varying in intensity, headaches can be described as mild spasms that disappear quickly, within seconds or acute palpitations that can take hours or even days. In the most extreme cases, they are known as chronic migraines. Unfortunately, in most cases, chronic migraine occurs more than 15 days in a month and is accompanied by dizziness, vomiting …

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