Semi-permanent Lower Eye Lid Make Up Before And After Photos

If you are thinking about undertaking a semipermanent make up procedure for your lower eyelid, you should notice the images presented below that show you the differences on one of our real clients. She wanted to give her lower eyelid a special effect, so she underwent the cosmetic micropigmention procedure in order to obtain a great, beautiful eyeliner effect on her lower eyelid. From the “After picture”, you can observe how natural and attractive her eyelids look, how risk-free this cosmetic procedure is and that the “right-after result” persists for a long period of time. Without any scars, pain or risks, our client got the perfectly subtle and beautiful eyeliner effect with our professional semi-permanent make-up or cosmetic tattoo / micropigmentation technique. 

Semi-permanent lower eye lid make up Before and After photos Gallery
Semi-permanent lower eye lid make up
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