Sebaceous Cyst And Eyelid Lumps Removal With Minor Surgery

Renew Skin & Health Clinic is a cosmetic center that always puts its patients first and is equipped with state-of-the-art technology  with which our highly qualified and experienced specialists can set a clear diagnosis regarding any cyst or eyelid lump, no matter where they are located on your skin. The minor surgery procedures performed for cyst removal are day case surgeries, meaning that you won’t have to be hospitalized.

Lumps or cysts can generally represent an aesthetic issue that most patients wish to get rid of, because a cyst is a closed sac which forms underneath the skin and is composed of keratin with a rancid smelling liquid, caused by fat build up. Sebaceous cysts can be one of two kinds, an epidermoid cyst (originates in the epidermis) or a pillar cyst (originates from the hair follicles) and can be generally found on the scalpearsfaceneckback and eyelids, but this is not a general rule. The cysts are smooth to the touch, have a round shape, can vary in size and are generally mobile masses. They are also harmless and have a tendency to disappear over a period of time.  

The main causes of the cysts are blocked sebaceous glands, injuries, swollen hair follicles or excessive testosterone production. The only health risks that cysts present is that of becoming infected. The infection must be treated otherwise it can lead to the cysts interior decomposition, so it’s necessary for you to contact a highly qualified dermatologist such as the ones found at the Renew Skin and Health Clinic.

The required procedure for cyst removal and sebaceous cyst removal is minor surgery, which will be performed after a full examination of your medical history and assessment of your health condition. The minor surgery is fastsimplesafe and painless, because it is performed under a local anesthetic and requires no hospitalization whatsoever.

Eyelid lumps are also caused by the clogging or inflammation of oil glands located at the base of the eyelashes. They form due to naturally occurring dirt accumulation, debris and bacteria transfer, poor hygiene (dirty contacts, use of expired cosmetics, leaving make-up on overnight) or may be related to a mild bacterial infection of the glands. There are several types of eyelid lumps that are generally infectious such as: sweat gland cysts, styes or abscesses, chalazions or meibomiam cysts, keratosis, inclusion cysts or even nevi (pigmented or intradermal) and can possibly indicate the presence of skin cancer. Some of the lumps may disappear on their own, but those that do not, must be seen by a specialist and will require rapid removal.

As in the case of cysts and sebaceous cysts the removal procedure for eyelid lumps is generally through minor surgery. The eyelid lump removal is required when presenting symptoms such as swelling, tenderness, discoloration, discharge, eye crust, pain, discomfort when blinking, itchiness, increase in size, changes in color, presents an irregular shape or even bleed. Since Renew Skin and Health Clinic is an outpatient cosmetic clinic the minor surgery procedure for lump removal and eyelid lumps removal is simple, safe, quick and painless, requiring no downtime or hospitalization

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