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Acne or acne vulgaris, the common acne is mostly a hormonal condition that is triggered by increasing levels of “androgenic” or male hormones, affecting both men and women during puberty and usually clearing up completely after the teen years. Nevertheless, there are individuals who still manifest acne even after this period on a constant or temporary basis, presenting blackheadswhiteheads, pimples and in more severe situations even cysts. People dealing with these skin issues can trustfully appeal to Renew Skin & Health Clinic to benefit from professional acne treatments ensured by fully qualified skin specialists, among whom we mention Dr. Berth-Jones, Consultant in Dermatology at the University Hospital in Coventry, a private dermatologist with a vast experience in the field of all dermatological diseases and conditions.

There isn’t a single factor that causes acne, this skin condition generally appears when a build-up of oil and cellular waste (dead skin cells) clog the hair follicle openings or pores. This accumulation of substances grows in time and may rupture the follicle wall, penetrating deeper into the skin layers and causing inflammation. If the oil reaches the surface, it forms a whitehead, if it remains just underneath it and gets oxidized, the result is a blackhead. Food, dirt, stress and heredity do not cause acne, but can worsen their condition and level of growth (heredity is an exception with very severe acne).

If the cleansing products and skin care do not work and the acne persists or worsens, you should see a specialist. As we have previously mentioned, Renew Skin & Health Clinic ensures private dermatologist consultations for the people suffering from this unsightly and highly problematic skin condition. Our acne specialist will ensure a visual examination of the lesions while also analyzing your medical history and current health condition to determine an exact cause and set an accurate diagnosis which is the key for a successful treatment.

We invite people from Redditch to contact us at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office in Leamington Spa on 01926 422-454 to get a booking date for their acne specialist treatment/ consultation and immediately get rid of these highly bothersome skin conditions!

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