Preventing Age Spots and Hyperpigmentation

Age spots tend to appear as we age because of certain differences in the level of melanin in your body. Melanin is represented by a group of natural pigments produced by melanocytes. It’s the pigment that gives color to your hair, eyes and skin and because of these differences you can experience either hyperpigmentation, or skin discoloration. Hyperpigmentation and age spots or liver spots usually appear on the areas of your body that have been most exposed to the sun such as shoulders, back of the hands, forearms, face and forehead.

There are a few ways to prevent age spots and hyperpigmentation but in order to do so you have to be well-informed. Knowing all about this skin defect will help you understand it better. Contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic for more information on the matter. Our dermatologists can offer you a specialized consultation in order to determine the nature of your age spots and to rule out the possibility of a malignant skin growth or lesion resembling these harmless age spots. In case you want to get rid of the age spots, you can benefit from a private treatment that aims at ensuring age spots removal.

On the other hand, if you just want to prevent age spots and hyperpigmentation, the first thing you have to avoid is sun light, as their main cause is long exposure to the harmful UV rays. Instead you must use the right sunscreen that has to be at least SPF 20, and apply it 20 minutes before going outside and reapplied every two-three hours for effective protection.

As age spots tend to appear as we age, it is important to enrich your diet with antioxidants. It is said that they fight against the natural ageing process, so you should consume foods that contain beta-carotene, as well as vitamins C and E. In the summer when the weather is amazing and you feel like taking a walk and enjoying the beauty of nature, it is actually better if, during the hottest hours of the day, you drive. But not even in your car are you fully protected. Because of the fact that car window glass protects you only from the UVB light that causes burns, you have to put UVA-protecting film on it, because the UVA light is the one that causes age spots and hyperpigmentation.

In case you are suffering from age spots and you want to prevent them from spreading, you can try home remedies such as apple cider vinegar, which is an effective skin exfoliant. Applying fresh lemon juice also helps because the acid works as a natural bleaching agent that will help eliminate the age spots if used regularly. Papaya fruit, pineapple and yogurt are also effective in preventing age spots and hyperpigmentation.

If you experience age spots or hyperpigmentation, have tried several treatments, but you didn’t get the results you wanted, we recommend you to contact our Head Office at Rene Skin & Health Clinic and book an appointment for a specialized consultation that will help the dermatologists determine which private treatment for age spots removal best suits your individual case.

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