Port Wine Stain and Salmon Patch Laser Removal Birmingham

Salmon patches (naevus simplex) and port wine stains (naevus flammeus) are two types of vascular malformations. Also called “flat haemangiomas“, capillary or vascular malformations appear when blood vessels are malformed and dilated. They represent benign lesions, of red or purple skin marks that can be found on any part of the human body. Different in size, vascular malformations appear at birth and change in dimension according to the age of the individual. There are situations when these congenital lesions do not disappear in time, causing social discomfort and low self-esteem for the individual. Therefore, the port wine stain removal laser treatment and salmon patch removal laser treatment in Leamington Spa are meant to help people diagnosed with these lesions to obtain a clean and aesthetic skin, eliminating all the imperfection caused by capillary vascular malformations.

The main cause of capillary vascular malformations is the expansion of the baby’s capillaries, while still in the womb. However, specialists could not link these congenital lesions with the pregnant women’s food habits or any medication.

Salmon patches or “naevus simplex” represent pink patches that can be found on different parts of a baby’s body, especially on the back of the neck, also called “stork bites”, over the eyelids and between the eyebrows, known as “angel kisses”, and even in the area of the mouth or nose. When the baby changes its emotional state, from excitement to disagreement, being angry or crying, these spots change their colour, and become darker. Affecting 70% of newborns, salmon patches are neither contagious nor painful and tend to disappear before the baby turns one or two. Still, in some cases, when these birthmarks are found at the back of the head, they may persist later on in life. The salmon patches removal laser treatment in Leamington Spa is a suitable approach to correct such lesions.

The port-wine stains or “nevus flammeus“ also referred to as “fire marks” are congenital lesions that become darker and larger with time, being connected with the evolution of the brain. The spots have a colour that is similar to the one of a red wine in Portugal: Port-wine. In contrast to salmon patches, port-wine stains do not disappear with time. The most common cases of the lesions manifest on the face, neck, or upper trunk. These skin marks generate anxiety and stress for the individual for aesthetic reasons. Thus, the pulse dye laser treatment for port wine stains removal in Leamington Spa comes as a recommended solution to this problem, through a non-invasive method that leaves the skin with an improved appearance.

Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa uses the non-surgical pulse dye laser treatment for salmon patches removal and the port wine stains removal. The pulse dye laser procedure assumes the innovative technology of mixing organic dye in a solvent and eliminating the lesions from within through a thermal effect that vaporises the targeted cells. The salmon patches removal laser treatment in Leamington Spa and the port wine stains removal laser treatment in Leamington Spa provide some of the best cosmetic results. The pulse dye laser is a non-surgical, minimally invasive alternative to cosmetic surgery, which ensures minimal scarring and positive cosmetic results.

If you want to benefit from one of the best laser treatments for port wine stains removal or salmon patches removal in Leamington Spa, either for your child or for yourself, feel free to contact our Renew Skin & Health Clinic’s Head Office. Here you will find a high-quality medical environment, as well as experienced and qualified staff members. You will be directed to one of our specialists for a consultation, in order to analyse your health condition and to provide the medical diagnosis related to the skin lesions. u

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