Moustache transplant in Solihull

Nowadays, in order to obtain their best look, men try various haircuts, hairstyles, products or seek a professional opinion. Some of them like to grow a moustache, others prefer the entire package, such as a moustache and a beard, and according to the shape of their face they try everything that suits them. There is however, a problem that a few men encounter when trying to grow a moustache, a beard, or both, and so they do everything in their power to solve the pressing aesthetic issue.

A refined hair implanting procedure is undergone by most men, either for cosmetic reasons, or because of hair loss problems. The FUE, short for Follicular Unit Extraction moustache transplant in Solihull is the best solution to this distressing cosmetic matter. This safe, painless and effective facial hair growth treatment in Solihull is performed at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic under local anesthesia, by an experienced doctor or clinic lead Dr. Jha himself, requiring minimal downtime and ensuring amazing permanent results.

The first thing you need to do if you want to benefit from the moustache hair implant in Solihull is to call our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and set an appointment. Then, with the help of a specialized consultation, the qualified doctor will run all the necessary tests, verify your medical background and find out every important detail regarding this issue, while also providing you with the necessary information and answer all your inquiries.

After deciding to go through with the moustache hair restoration in Solihull, everything will be set in place and the experienced doctor will begin the procedure. First of all, the anesthetic will be administered, so you need not worry about experiencing any pain during this facial hair restoration procedure. The next step is the extraction of hair grafts from the donor area (that is normally the back of the head) and the implantation of each hair follicle onto your upper lip area. The shape and the thickness of the moustache you want will determine how long this outpatient procedure will last, as well as the number of hair grafts that need to be harvested.

The FUE moustache hair transplant in Solihull can last between 2 and 5 hours or more, almost all the patches can be covered and treated in one sitting, and the results are permanent. You will need to strictly follow the doctor’s aftercare advice in order to heal properly and be careful not to shave or trim your moustache in the first 10 days following the cosmetic facial hair growth procedure in Solihull.

There are minimal risks of scarring after the moustache facial hair restoratin in Solihull, and if you will have any, those will be covered by the hair that will grow back on. The implanted moustache hairs will fall, but they will start growing again after about 3 months, and then, in about 6 months, the final cosmetic results are achieved, the facial hair continuing to grow normally for the rest of your life.

There are many other advantages to undergoing the painless, efficient, minimally invasive surgical moustache hair transplant in Solihull and you can find out everything you want to know by calling us and booking an appointment. If you have been dealing with this cosmetic issue and nothing you tried has worked after several attempts, contact our Head Office at Renew Skin & Health Clinic and benefit from the excellent moustache transplant in Solihull.

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