Mole removal – Coventry

Coventry clinics perform various mole and wart removal procedures as many patients are usually dissatisfied with the cosmetic inconveniences they cause, especially when they appear in visible, uncomfortable or sensitive places. Each mole removal technique performed in Coventry has different outcomes depending on the doctor’s experience and work method, the patient’s type of skin and the type and size of the skin lesion itself.

Mole and wart removal procedures in Coventry are usually performed through the incisional biopsy technique, as it is considered the safest method however, not all skin lesions are health hazards, and their removal through incisional biopsy will leave larger and more visible scarring.
Skin spots removal in Coventry is also performed with the help of radiosurgery and Nd:Yag laser therapy as these unsightly lumps that appear especially of the face create a great deal of distress. And due to the radiosurgery and laser’s cosmetic actions, there will be minimal to no scarring at all. 

These procedures are also performed in Leamington Spa, at Renew Skin & Health Clinic under our most experienced specialists’ supervision, where you can also benefit from many other advantages that most clinics in Coventry do not offer. One reason would be the highly reasonable prices and the second benefit would be that Renew Skin & Health Clinic covers the travel mileage/train ticket/fare costs to our clinic for the treatment day. 

Please note that these costs are not covered for any consultations at our clinic and their approval must be confirmed telephonically when scheduling your treatment day. You will be paid one return journey if you are travelling by car at 23p/mile travelled on the day of your treatment. This payment however does not refer to our other valued clients who benefit from free treatments due to their participation in our Research Projects!

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