Facial Thread Veins Removal With Tc3000

Beauty is always achieved by a number of factors working in concert, the health of our skin being one of the most important elements. Unfortunately, many of us are prone to the appearance of highly unaesthetic facial thread veins which can affect the quality of our personal life and contribute to mounting of stress and unhappiness. In order to aid our patients obtain a clear and beautiful skin, the dermatological specialists of Renew Skin & Health Clinic provide excellent facial thread veins removal with the innovative TC3000.

Visible thread veins are a normal occurrence that is generally associated with mature age groups. They are small blood vessels which run very close to the surface of the skin and are slightly enlarged, making them visible to the naked eye. Thread veins are also called spider veins or broken veins, though they are not in fact broken in any way; the medical term is telangiectasia. While they do not pose any medical threat for those who present them, facial thread veins are generally considered unaesthetic and tend to be a nuisance, which causes many people to seek facial thread veins removal. The causes for the appearance of telangiectasia are generally unknown, although they have been associated with an increase in skin laxity, hormonal changes caused by pregnancy or menopause and excessive exposure to the sun. Genetic inheritance is also thought to be a determining factor for the appearance of thread veins, generally, the incidence rate being higher in women. Approximately 1 in 5 women in their 20s present some form of visible thread veins while over 70% of women develop this vascular anomaly by the time they are 70 years old.

Fortunately, Renew Skin & Health Clinic provides excellent thread veins removal using the new and exciting thermocoagulation technique with the help of the TC3000 device. The procedure is very simple, safe, fast and very effective. The main principle of thermocoagulation broken veins removal consists in heating the affected vein in order to cause the blood to coagulate. The increase of temperature is achieved by delivering a high frequency pulse from the tip of TC3000’s specialized, insulated needle. The needle ensures a localized effect with extremely limited damage to the adjacent tissue. In fact, one of the main advantages of the TC3000 thermocoagulation therapy is that it successfully minimizes the collateral damage sustained by untargeted tissue when compared to electrocoagulation, for instance. If you decide to undergo this procedure, then one of our experienced dermatologists will insert the needle perpendicularly in the affected veins and release an energy pulse every 2 to 3 mm. The facial thread veins removal procedure causes no burns, no skin necrosis, no hyperpigmentation, discoloration or scarring.  At Renew Skin & Health Clinic, we strive to provide our patients with the best cosmetic and medical service, which is why we specialize our medical practitioners in the use of the latest developments in medical technology. The TC3000 is an innovative device which provides excellent thread veins removal due to the precision and flexibility it allows our dermatologists.

If you wish to benefit from excellent facial thread veins removal, Renew Skin & Health Clinic is able to provide you with excellent medical assistance using the latest and most effective techniques and technology: thermocoagulation with TC3000. If you wish to correct these small aesthetic imperfections and obtain an improved facial appearance, please contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and schedule an appointment. 

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