Eyelid Skin Tags Causes and Symptoms

Occurring almost anywhere on the body, including on the eyelids, skin tags are small, benign protruding bits of skin, usually connected to the underlying layer by a thin stalk. They usually appear in places where there is clothes-to-skin or skin-on-skin friction mainly on the underarms, neck, upper chest, groin and eyelids, are soft to the touch and usually flesh or light brown-coloured. Medically known as “acrochordon”, skin tags develop in about 25% of the population, being often related to diabetes, obesity, pregnancy, and in rare cases to other serious diseases, such as Chron’s diseases. Their appearance increases with age but are also rarely found in children.

Although there is no well-defined cause for the appearance of eyelid skin tags, these harmless skin growths are unaesthetic, and besides being bothersome to the sight if large, skin tags on the eyes can make sufferers very self-conscious of their existence causing a low self-esteem. Which makes the skin tags on eyelid removal a cosmetic procedure that can be professionally, painlessly and effectively performed at our Renew Skin & Health Clinic in Leamington Spa.

Besides their appearance, skin tags on eyelids are mainly asymptomatic skin growths, are not painless, but may become irritated and bleed if hurt or accidentally broken. Especially with eyelid skin tags, this can happen more often due to the constant blinking movement and eye rubbing (make-up removal, for example). Skin tags on eyelid causes and symptoms can be effectively established at our professional Renew Skin & Health Clinic, by experienced doctors who are also able to recommend you the skin tags on eyelids removal treatment that best suits your individual case. The skin tag near the eyes or eyelid skin tags can be easily, quickly and painlessly removed with the revolutionary DEKA CO2 laser therapy, which is a fast and painless cosmetic treatment.

The package price for facial skin tags or eyelid skin tags removal CO2 laser treatment is now on offer, at £1000, instead of the normal price of £1500. This complete skin tags on the eyelid removal includes the specialized consultation, a biopsy if necessary, to eliminate any possibility of malignant features of the skin growth, and the eyelid skin tags removal is performed on the same day for all near or distant clients. In order to benefit from this price offer for the skin tags on eyelid removal treatment, a £250 deposit is necessary to book it, and if you agree on the rest £750, we will go through with the proceedings. Booking hotline: 01926 422 454

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