Anti-Wrinkle Treatment in Rugby

Our appearance is very important for the way we are perceived by those around us, the health of our skin being especially important. Luckily, modern cosmetic medicine provides us with a number of anti-ageing treatments that ensure great wrinkle removal and skin rejuvenation with little chance of any medical complications occurring. The experienced cosmetic specialists at Renew Skin & Health Clinic are able to provide excellent antiwrinkle treatments in Rugby under the form of Botox wrinkle removal and dermal filler treatments for skin rejuvenation.

The botulinum toxin type A, known commonly as Botox, is one of the strongest naturally occurring neurotoxins and is used in the medical field in order to inhibit the natural production of acetylcholine, the chemical neurotransmitter that enables the cerebral signals to reach the muscular receptors and produce movement. Botox is especially useful in the case of bunny lines removal, forehead lines removal, frown lines removal, marionette lines removal and crow’s feet removal, namely in the case of expression wrinkles caused by the repetitive movement of the expression muscles. The Botox micro-injection operation is very simple, non-invasive and non-surgical; the chances of any medical complication occurring are minimal. If you opt to undergo the antiwrinkle Botox treatment in Rugby at Renew Skin & Health Clinic, then one of our cosmetic specialists will administer the Botox solution under the skin or under the muscle tissue in order to partially disable its ability to move, thus reducing the noticeability of expression wrinkles and ensuring long-term wrinkle prevention.

If you choose to undergo an anti-wrinkle treatment in Rugby, you are also able to select dermal filler treatments for fine lines removal, chin wrinkles removal and nasolabial folds removal. The dermal filler treatment is also very simple, safe and effective; the hyaluronic acid solution is simply injected in the skin using a special microneedle which produces a “filling” effect that reduces the noticeability of the treated wrinkles. If conducted correctly, the procedure will leave the skin smooth, even, and looking far younger than before.

If you are ready to take this step and benefit from wrinkle removal and wrinkle prevention, then the Renew Skin & Health Clinic team can provide you with great antiwrinkle Botox treatment in Rugby. In order to schedule an appointment, just contact Renew Skin & Health Clinic Head Office and our staff will take care of the rest.

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